A utility that can be utilized to save, manage and update a motherboard BIOS, with a few permitting you to flash the BIOS in Windows and OS. if the motherboard supported this tool. The BIOS Flash Tool utility ordinarily will save your present BIOS file, download the most latest form from the producer utilizing your Internet connection, update the BIOS and then see the BIOS data.

In which software organizations discharge updates to their projects to add new functions and fix bugs, mainboard producers will also deliver firmware (BIOS) updates to fix minor issues and provides new features on mainboards. Backing for extra CPUs and various brands/limits of RAM are genuine examples of functions that can be added with the latest BIOS version. 


Similarly, as with software updates, firmware (BIOS) updates can present new bugs or potentially need abilities that more established older versions had – along these lines, it is important to check the delivery notes or version history of your mainboard's BIOS before an update.

How to do update Bios with Flash?

1. Download and store the Recovery BIOS file to a transitory registry.

2. Duplicate the BIO to a USB thumb drive. 

3. Fitting the thumb drive into a USB port of the objective PC. 

4. Close down the objective PC. 

5. Enable the F7 brief presentation: 

  • Force the PC on. 

  • Enter the BIOS Setup by tab F2 during boot. 

  • Go to the Boot > Boot Display menu. 

  • Enable Display F7 to Update BIOS Flash Tool. 

  • Tap F10 to save and exit. 

6. During boot, when the F7 brief is shown, press F7 to enter the BIOS Flash Update tool. 

7. Select the USB thumb drive and tap Enter.


8. Select the BIO file and tap Enter.


 9. Confirm you can need to update the BIOS tool by Tap Enter.

10. Wait 2–4 minutes for the complete update.


11. Remove the thumb drive from your device.

12. Restart the PC.

I hope You will easily complete this process on your PC and update Bios Flash Tool.

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