Your Google Account is answerable for highlights and elements of your Samsung Galaxy memories. Regardless of whether it's a first-in-class Galaxy android or a huge screened Galaxy Tab. your Google Account record all your personal data and backup a large portion of your own information like saving your photos securely to the Cloud – and maybe above all. here able you to guide for Removed Google Account from your Samsung Galaxy S6.

If you want to remove your Google account from the Samsung Galaxy S6 to sell your smartphone, give it to a relative or friend, recycle it, or If you have decided to switch to another Google account. then here you can be able an idea about that how to removed or delete your Google account. the Google account is one of the protectors of our personal emails and data, which save for a long time in our Google account. 

If you think about which way to delete your Google account then it's very simple. In this post share too easy content to guide you to remove your Google account from your smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6.

Remove Google Account From Samsung Galaxy S6:

Follow these simple steps for Removed Google Account easily.
  • Start off by going into your Apps.
  • Tap Settings.
  • after going into settings, then tap the lock screen and security section.
  • tap on the screen lock type.
  • tap into your pin, pattern, password.
  • tap on the swipe at the top.
  • top on removed data.
  • tap removed. Once you have taken your off security, you should be able to remove your Google account.
  • Go Back to the main settings screen, and tap could and accounts.
  • tap on accounts.
  • tap your Google account.
  • then you tap on three dots in the top right corner.
  • tap remove the account.
  • tap remove the account again to confirm it.

I hope that you will remove your Google Account from your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. Simple and easy way to remove Google account from your android device.